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          Why companies to build multi-lingual website?

          The Internet continues to grow and develop, has become the preferred way to businesses and individuals seeking business opportunities, goods, services and information to understand. From the perspective of standing enhance the competitive advantage of an enterprise to build a multi-language site is the increasing number of customers premise and efficient means to increase sales.
          With the accelerating of the process of internationalization, multilingual website will become an indispensable part of businesses and organizations.
          Multi-language website to help businesses face many non-English speaking Internet users
          Change over time, the proportion of non-English speaking Internet users is constantly rising. Compared to the previous situation by English-speaking users to control the Internet has produced a fundamental change. Nelson Group (a U.S. Internet research and consulting company) in March 2005 about: foreign Internet market is the mature fruit, as long as you are willing to pay less effort will be able to get a huge harvest. The results show that the Internet tends to slow the growth in the United States, Germany, Britain and Sweden, in other countries such as France, Hong Kong, Italy and Japan grew significantly.
          Nelson, a senior analyst explained: "The most readily available opportunities in the country's Internet usage and the user (or site) before the relationship has been established culture in the current growth stage, customers will become the loyal customer base." multi-language Web site an effective marketing tool in the enterprise has the ability of the majority of Internet users to communicate in their own language, which not only means an increase in sales even more valuable is to establish your brand, services and products in the local market known.
          The construction of multi-language website is a great program because it is likely that corporate marketing, seize new users, the most effective way to establish new customer relationships and the empowerment of an international image of the corporate brand of.
          Multi-language Web site can bring new customers
          By your multilingual website exposure in front of potential customers in various countries, regions, naturally you will get the attention of these native language users.
          Multi-language Web site to increase sales to the enterprise
          On the site to add a language has the potential doubling sales. Even if only to completion of the site contains only Spanish, French, German and Italian website of the four major world languages, its sales may also be potentially up to four times. This is a rare use of such a small investment for such a large effect.
          Multi-language website is able to convey the sense of customer-centric service
          Your multi-language Web site shows your thinking for the customer. Customer-centric thinking and caring efforts of customers will receive the gratitude of the customer, because of this extra work, they will be more inclined to patronize your business.
          Multi-language website to get more trust
          Many of the transactions executed through the Internet are often not familiar with each other in each other's language and the issue of trust between different cultures. Available to customers the choice of language to help them feel safe, exactly clear how to trade, with whom transactions.
          Multi-language Web site to help overcome the cultural sensitivity
          A properly designed multi-language Web site, through the use of the native language of the target market to be able to overcome potential cultural barriers. Multi-language Web sites automatically for the customer to create a "cultural comfort zone, so that they can freely navigate and understanding of website information, and interact with you.
          Multi-language Web site to fight efficiently against competitors
          Thinking out of the frame to gain a competitive advantage in today's environment. Many companies are trying to distinguish themselves from competitors. Look at your competitors, if they are multilingual site Why do you not? If they do not, why not them before leading this market is to first establish your company's brand?
          Multi-language web site for the international style
          A multilingual web site for your ideas, business and international business processes. International corporate image and industry leadership thus establish a multi-language Web site to help search engines for different regional countries, the search engine will bring people to your site. However, in some countries and regions have their own popular search engines, these search engines based on the use of mother tongue habits to adapt to the needs of the people, so successful. The engine of this type of search engine is the key to open the local market, In addition, unless they are able to use a particular language (English) would be difficult to find your.
               In addition, many of keyword search engines, especially Google, excellent ability in multi-language development. With multi-language page of the site can maximize the protection of your site to many search engines to retrieve and display. The transaction is always constantly shift and change. Multi-language Web site is still at an early stage, many multinational companies to use multi-language Web site to strengthen its international position. However, the following effects will occur naturally multi-lingual website will become the main part of the Internet. Whether an organization is to choose now or in the future, this is the only choice of the site construction.
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